SISTERS Share "We Can Get Together (ft. Tilson XOXO)"

Seattle pop duo SISTERS share “We Can Get Together (feat. Tilson XOXO),” the title track to the new remix EP which features Macklemore producer Budo, The Seshen, Sol + more.

SISTERS are poised to release their We Can Get Together EP (Tender Loving Empire), out September 13, 2019. The EP features remixes of songs from the band’s sophomore release, Wait Don’t Wait, a new track called “We Can Get Together,” and the official release of their pride anthem, “Queer Life.” The three remixes feature production work by Budo (Macklemore, Reinwolf) and The Seshen, and appearances from two of Seattle’s most respected hip hop icons, Sol and Tilson XOXO. What began as a one-off project in a small Seattle studio called The Ruby Room, which has seen releases this year from virtually every rising star in Seattle’s hip hop community (standouts include: Travis Thompson and ParisAlexa), has culminated in a quintessential SISTERS gathering of the music community that has supported their rise to local cult-pop stardom. “Togetherness” has always been the calling card for the duo’s live performances; The We Can Get Together EP is the result of that dynamic coming to life in the studio.