Serengeti Shares Singles “Wasps” & “Première,” Announces Album ‘With Greg from Deerhoof’

Much respected indie Hip-Hop artist Serengeti announces the release of his latest offering, With Greg From Deerhoof (Joyful Noise Recordings), the collaborative album with Greg Saunier. Of Deerhoof. The story of the musical union began when Serengeti opened for Deerhoof back in May 2009. That September, Deerhoof brought WHY? and Serengeti on an east coast tour. In the summer of 2018, Dave Cohn (Serengeti) and Saunier crossed paths at the PEOPLE residency in Berlin. A mixup at a recording studio facilitated by PEOPLE organizers had the two set up for the same slot and despite having no practice or prearranged plans for the session, they performed “I Got Your Password” to an audience of recording engineer Jonas Verwijnen and a few other PEOPLE musicians sitting in the control room.

This chance recording session led to the decision to complete a full-length album. Serengeti wrote lyrics and Greg produced some classical-and-Broadway-inspired tracks. Each time Serengeti received a new track in his inbox, instead of listening to it first, he would immediately press record and record his verses. All of Serengeti’s lead vocals for the tracks on this album were completed this way.

Today, they’ve given us a preview of the album with the release of two new singles, “Wasps” and “Première,” which inexplicably crosses genres, creating an amalgamation derivative unto itself. The completed album is set for release tomorrow, October 28, 2020, and is available for pre-order.