Sammy Warm Hands Passes The Mic On “Spotlight” Feat. DMC

You may think you’ve read that incorrectly but no, you didn’t. Eugene, Oregon emcee and podcaster Sammy Warm Hands just released his latest single “Spotlight,” and yes, it features Darryl McDaniels, otherwise known as rapper DMC. At 57, the legend pushes past even the most upbeat records in his catalog, from “Beats to the Rhyme” to “Mary, Mary.” Between verses, DMC proclaims “the universe ain’t ready to handle this,” while The Turntable Enabler scratches his voice.

Both Sammy and DMC volley rhymes with one another on the banger that “Spotlight” is. Sammy Warm Hands delivers clever comic book inspiration through his lyricism. Along with this, DMC was interviewed on the 100th episode of Sammy’s Take 92 Podcast, on which “Spotlight” premiered. The song references many Run-DMC classics and embodies the superhero metaphors discussed on the podcast.

“Spotlight” is the second single from Sammy & Web’s upcoming Demented Inventive Energy, their first album as a duo since 2008.