Sam Fischer Shares Single “Getting Older”

Within the soulful sounds of the piano and groovy beats stands the worrisome Sam Fischer. As he moves along his single “Getting Older”, the R&B crooner wonders what is ahead for his mortality.
“Getting Older” is just a small sample that awaits listeners; the song is slated to be added in Fischer’s debut EP ‘Not A Hobby’ on January 19th.
Fischer on the single: “‘Getting Older’ is my favorite song off the EP and is as honest as I get. Simply put, the lyrics are just a retelling of the day we (myself, Asia Whiteacre, Morgan Taylor Reid & Johan Fransson) wrote the song, including the bird story. It’s a stream of consciousness put to music about the uncertainties of the future and what we can’t control, yet worry about constantly.”

“Getting Older” follows the release of Fischer’s debut singles “Lean” and “Same Friends” which earned praise from the likes of music critics around the world.