Rituals of Mine Shares Single "Heavyweight"

Rituals of Mine returns with the new single, “Heavyweight,” from the forthcoming EP Sleeper Hold (Carpark Records), dropping October 4th. The electronic recording project comprised of songwriter Terra Lopez and percussionist Adam Pierce released the single which is inspired by the after-effects of grief and trauma in relation to the body and mind, particularly Lopez’s own surrounding her father’s suicide and the unexpected loss of her best friend.

Once the shock shifted away, my body started to feel the real, tangible effects of griefFor over 2 years, I felt a heavy ring around my temple. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t concentrate. I had lost my ability to articulate properly,” says Lopez. “I was existing and actually was a very high functioning depressed person but my body and voice felt alien and lost to me. In 2018, I read a book that changed my life called The Body Keeps The Score. It is a detailed, scientific look at how trauma transforms, alters and ultimately changes not only your chemical makeup but your physical makeup. I thought I was going crazy for nearly 3 years and then here comes this book that validates every feeling, every emotion, every physical ailment I had felt but couldn’t prove. This song is the expression of grief work I had to do over the last 3 years in order to get to a place where I could see beyond the loss, beyond the depression and finally look at a life that will never be the same but that can be better if I let it.