Redshift (Articles of Faith) Releases Debut

On November 5, Boss Tuneage released the debut album by Redshift. Redshift is the latest band from U.S. hardcore punk legend Vic Bondi. From being a founder member of political Chicago punk icons Articles of Faith to his later bands such as Alloy and Jones Very, to later solo releases as well as more recent projects such as Report Suspicious Activity and Dead Ending, Vic Bondi has been one of the most hugely influential figures in the U.S. hardcore punk scene since 1981 and for the following four decades.

Worst Timeline Possible is Bondi’s first album release in over five years and the debut release by his new band REDSHIFT. The band is comprised of Bondi, bassist Michael Catts, and drummer Adam Gross, and it’s everything you would expect from a Bondi release. Coupling the power of his earlier body of work with a twisted Dick Dale / Link Wray-inspired surf edge, Redshift is a tsunami of surf rock for the apocalypse. It is punk and politics on a waxed board.

Listen to Worst Timeline Possible here.

Watch the band play Link Wray’s “Rumble” below.

With artwork by John Yates, Worst Time Line Possible is available on mailorder only, limited-edition colored vinyl LP or good old fashioned black vinyl – all copies come with a CD in PVC wallet included of all the tracks.

Catch the band live:

December 10 at Central Saloon, Seattle, Washington w/Evanstones and The Viking Surfers