QWAM Shares New Single "Dirty Feet"

Brooklyn punk band QWAM will release its debut EP, Feed Me, on January 19th. It’s a collection of five high-energy, angst-fueled tracks that feature driving guitars, frenetic drums, and snarling vocals from lead singer Felicia Lobo. Today the band shares their new single “Dirty Feet,” a high-energy throwback that’s bound to give the band’s contemporaries numerous fits. The band previously shared a taste of the EP with lead single “Doggie Door,” and today they’ve released “Dirty Feet,” a song about finding yourself and holding on to who you are in a sea of faces.

Written during 3am subway rides and perfected in sweaty Brooklyn basements, Feed Me is full of clever lyrics, anthemic choruses, and catchy group vocals. It was produced, engineered, and mixed by Jack Counce at Studio G.