Quinn Christopherson Announces Debut Album, Shares ”Evelene”

Quinn Christopherson is today announcing his long awaited debut album, Write Your Name In Pink to be released on Play It Again Sam September 16th. It’s a groundbreaking record and a masterclass in songwriting and storytelling alike. Quinn writes with the precision of Joni Mitchell or the Mountain Goats, his exacting details giving the songs a depth and believability that’s relatable, though your own circumstances will no doubt be different. 

Quinn says, “Write Your Name in Pink comes from reflection, sifting through experiences— good and bad. I have found empathy for myself and those in my life. This record is a celebration of youth, an exercise in forgiveness, and an expression of gratitude to have made it this far.  As a trans person, a queer person, an Alaska Native person, ideas are placed upon me. A lot of us don’t get to define our own narrative, even to ourselves. This is me starting to own mine. Write Your Name in Pink is me.“

Along with the news of the album he is also dropping a new song “Evelene.” The song glides effortlessly with Quinn’s vocal prowess on full display. Lyrically he explains “the song is about sisterhood. Growing up as a woman is dangerous and we make it through by having each other’s backs.”

Photo Courtesy: Emma Sheffer