Quicksand Share New Single “Felíz”

Fresh off a North American tour with Clutch and Helmet, today NYC band Quicksand share their latest single, “Felíz.”

Following slow burner “Giving The Past Away” released in August, both songs were previously unreleased recordings from sessions for their highly praised 2021 album ‘Distant Populations’. Like a sucker punch to the face, the palpable aggression of “Felíz” is felt from the onset of the track. Lead by a bass-heavy groove, the steady rhythm is driven by a vital electric guitar riff with the distortion turned all the way up for this headbanger’s anthem.

 “This one came together pretty easily, from what I recall coming off of tour we wanted to write something more aggressive for the set; listening now reminds me of something we might have written earlier in our career but still feels right at home with where we’re at currently,” frontman Walter Schreifels explains. “The lyrics speak to the fleeting nature of happiness which paradoxically is what makes feeling happy such a desirable thing.”