Psychedelic Southern Rockers DeWolff Share “Counterfeit Love”

Dutch rock band DeWolff has released “Counterfeit Love,” the second single from their upcoming, full-length album Love, Death & In Between (Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group), out February 3rd.  “‘Counterfeit Love” is all about fake love,” the band explains. “Where does it come from? What is it worth? Where can you spend it? How can you spot it? Held up to the light it might show its color-shifting truth! Like the rest of the album, everything you hear was recorded live in one take to analog tape at the Kerwax Studio in France. It’s got a blistering Hammond solo that was conceived at the very last minute, and it might just be the most Zeppelin-esque thing we ever recorded!”

“Counterfeit Love” follows the album’s lead single “Heart Stopping Kinda Show,” which was released just after the band finished up a 13-date run with The Black Crowes across mainland Europe. Mixing psychedelic southern rock with classic soul, ‘Love, Death & In Between’ is a reaction to the band’s previous two studio albums: ‘Tascam Tapes,’ which was recorded on the road with a four-track cassette recorder from the 1980s, and their socially distanced recording Wolffpack, which debuted at #2 on the Dutch charts. “For this, we wanted to do something with people,” singer/guitarist Pablo van de Poel recalls – “as many people as possible,”