Prefuse 73 Shares Single “Vast Wildlife Poison” 

Pioneering electronic musician and producer Prefuse 73 — aka Guillermo Scott Herren — has shared a new single “Vast Wildlife Poison” from his new album, New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 2, out June 28th on Lex Records. Following lead single “Lion Chorus,” “Vast Wildlife Poison” inches forward with an underlying jazz bassline layered with plucked guitar strings and intermittent synth blasts.

The companion album to New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 1, released this past March, New Strategies for Modern Crime Vol. 2 sees Herren continue evolving his groundbreaking take on experimental composition through the lens of the media’s sensationalism of crime, blended with influences from lost soundtracks, musique concrète, jazz and beat-tape music to create something wholly unique.

“I always have a movie or some random visuals playing on mute behind me in the studio,” reveals Herren of his creative process. “It could be horror from any era or just an old Fellini film; they tend to be playing on a loop. I will turn around from the mixing board and just stare at the images to get inspired.”

Talking with the excitement of someone working on their first-ever album, the re-energized virtuoso adds: “It means that when you do finally hear my music, it’s hopefully created in a way that prompts you to see a whole scene play out in your head.” Whether the album paints a vivid, Philip K. Dick-esque movie in your mind or not, it’s clear the artist known as Prefuse 73 is continuing to push forward artistically.