Poster Children share "Grand Bargain!" ready new album for spring

Poster Children are back with a scathing new political song “Grand Bargain!” It’s the first song from an album to be released this spring, the band’s first new album in 14 years. The song’s release was timed to coincide with the year anniversary of the Trump presidency.
The song can be heard here.
Poster Children were formed in Champaign, Illinois in 1987 by Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Rose Marshack (bass, vocals). Jim Valentin joined on guitar in 1991 and Matt Friscia (drummer #7) joined in 2001. The band is known for their DIY attitude and for pioneering digital communication with fans. They began coding their own websites and Enhanced CDs in 1994, started blogging online in 1995 via tour reports and have one of the longest running podcasts, Radio Zero, which started in 1998 before the word podcast was even coined.