Poliça Shares Single, "Forget Me Now"

Minneapolis born Poliça is set to release its fourth long-player When We Stay Alive (Memphis Industries), dropping January 31, 2020. In anticipation of the release, the new single “Forget Me Now,” gives a taste of what’s to come.

‘Forget Me Now’ is letting off some steam. It’s about recognizing a pattern of choosing people who can’t love you how you wish to be loved. It’s still remaining very grateful, counting blessings day and night; but don’t confuse being at peace with being a pushover,” says singer Channy Leaneagh. “I think I wrote these words while angry-shoveling this winter. How does it go? ‘Choose a liar once and that’s the liar’s fault; choose a liar three times and it seems maybe I likes liars?’ All the songs are about me and none of them are; this isn’t an excerpt from my diary but it has been many times.”