Pohgoh Returns With “Hammer”

Pohgoh, you know, that indie rock band out of Florida that made its name with loud guitars and soft but deliberate female vocals? Yes, that group. While the band has slowly crept back into the limelight – 2014’s EP being the group’s first new music since 1998 – its already shared “Weeds,” the first single off the forthcoming album du und ich (Spartan Records) – mixed by J. Robbins – is expected to drop on November 4, 2022. The song offered up a reinvigorated Pohgoh, possibly ready for the road again.

The band shares the second single off the album “Hammer,” an expressive and powerful number Susie Ulrey offers: 

“I’ve dealt with depression in varying degrees since my diagnosis (of MS) in 2001 and hit a new low during the beginning of COVID, especially after losing my job. The rug was pulled out from under us, along with everyone else. The stress and anxiety of life in general forced its hand and my disease progressed. It’s a loop: MS begets depression and anxiety which then causes progression. Wash, rinse and repeat.”

You can pre-order the album here and pre-save it here.