Pilot To Gunner Shares “Ship Jumpers” from Forthcoming Hail Hallucinator LP

The Book of Very Very Bad Things Podcast released their insightful interview with Scott Padden of Pilot To Gunner. They also shared “Ship Jumpers,” the second single from PTG’s forthcoming Hail Hallucinator album. Listen to it here.

According to podcast brainchild Peter Tanski, “The Book of Very Very Bad Things PodZine was conceived in 2021, under duress, during the height of Covid doldrums by Tiana Lucie-Tanski, [who decided her husband], a punk musician and renowned bullshit artist, had been out of the music journalism game long enough.”

Hail Hallucinator is Pilot To Gunner’s fourth record and may only exist because the members of the band were locked indoors during the pandemic. Scott Padden and Patrick Hegarty are, as always, holding it down on vocals and guitars and are joined by Gregg Giuffre (Hunters) on drums and Eric Odness (Chariots, Primitive Weapons, Ageist) on bass.

Hail Hallucinator is the third record the New York band recorded with celebrated producer J. Robbins (Dismemberment Plan, Against Me!, Shiner, etc.), and their second album for both Arctic Rodeo Recordings (Walter Schreifels, Garden Variety, Jawbox), who will offer the LP, and Thirtysomething Records (Appleseed Cast, Far, Superbloom) who is releasing it on cassette. Physicals ship on or around August 12.

Dan Coutant (of Spoils System) mastered the album at his Sun Room Audio (War On Women, Chamberlain, Bob Nanna).

About “Ship Jumpers” Scott Padden says,”If anyone out there’s a sucker for some chuggy ’90s harmonics riffs, boy do we have good news for the world. This one, Jesus Christ, we don’t even get to the chorus ’til like 10 minutes in. That’s very outside of our normal ADHD process of sprinting right into the hot stuff.  

“This is just about getting yourself out of a bad life situation, about being honest that you’re neck-deep in quickly rising liquid shit. And getting yourself out of it might appear scarier than what you’re in, but it’s just time to go. Not about relationships or anything, just larger life situations that are actually about to ruin you for good.”

Order the LP here. Get the cassette here. Follow the band here.

Photo by @Hartleyphoto