Pernice Brothers Share “I Don’t Need That Anymore” Feat. Neko Case

The Pernice Brothers return with Who Will You Believe (New West Records) on April 5, 2024. The 12-song set is their first in five years and was produced by Joe Pernice. The album includes contributions from longtime bandmates, Bob Pernice, Patrick Berkery, Laura Stein, Liam Jaeger, Michael McKenzie, and Joshua Karp, lush string and horn arrangements, the Toronto-based choral group Choir! Choir! Choir!, as well as Neko Case on the duet “I Don’t Need That Anymore.” Who Will You Believe is the band’s first new album since marking their 25th anniversary by reissuing their acclaimed 1998 debut Overcome by Happiness as a deluxe edition last year. 

Joe Pernice has crafted a remarkable catalog that boldly reinterprets and recasts classic American pop. Balancing moments of solemnity with warm humor and camaraderie, Who Will You Believe may be his most moving and nuanced album yet. 

Today, the band shared their duet with Neko Case, the album highlight “I Don’t Need That Anymore.” Joe Pernice says, “‘I Don’t Need That Anymore’ is one of the rare songs of mine that started with a lyric hook instead of a melody. My wife and my mother were looking at the latter’s sixty-six-year-old wedding album. My wife said to my mother, ‘Wow! You had some figure.’ Not skipping a beat, my mother said, ‘I had it when I needed it.’ I immediately sent myself a text that read ‘I’m glad I had it when I needed it. But baby, I don’t need that anymore.’” He continues, “I was excited that Neko was into singing with me. No one needs me to tell of her singular voice. And being in the live room while she recorded her part legit gave me goosebumps. And she’s a really great person, which is always a plus.”