Oneida Shares “Beat Me To The Punch”

Longstanding NY noise outfit Oneida is set to return with its 16th full-length recording, Success (Joyful Noise Recordings), slated for release on August 19, 2022. The band, Kid millions, Bobby Matador, and Hanoi Jane have been pushing the proverbial envelope for the past 25 years and down the road picked up members Showtime and Barry London to expand on its tumultuous & challenging abstract compositions. The band’s punk aesthetic, coupled with its own form of psychedelia within the rock continuum has allowed the group much flexibility but also leaves no equal to the band’s skill & talent.

Oneida has just released its single “Beat Me To The Punch,” which leads listeners in one direction but soon takes a cathartic turn incorporating just a small portion of what the group is capable of providing in just one sitting. Jangly guitars make way for distorted feedback, with blissful atmospherics. A quick peek into what the band has in store.