Okey Dokey Wanna Know In Latest Single “Are You Up?”

With Okey Dokey’s latest, multi-band, collaborative album ‘Once Upon One Time’ having just been released in October, the Nashville-based trio is back with a refreshing pallet cleansing EP entitled ‘Leaky Sealing. The songs are a collection of b-sides, covers, and new interpretations of some of the band’s favorite songs from the album. 

“With the ‘Leaky Sealing’ alternate spelling I was hoping to draw attention to all the leaks. The ones above our heads and the ones above our souls. We live in a world we barely know.”, explains frontman Aaron Martin.

The EP’s lead single is the bubbly feel-good “Are You Up?”. The track was inspired by a budding new romance that began for Aaron shortly before the start of the pandemic. “I met my partner a little before the pandemic started and we now live together and the dream is real. This song is very much about the excitement period that we all hope to keep alive. Alive it is. The boy’s hair is curly.”

Photo Credit: Mark Cluney