Nymphlord Shares New Single “6 Feet Under”

Nymphlord has today shared her new single “6 Feet Under,” taken from her forthcoming debut EP Mothers Cry And Then We Die. out August 25th on Lauren Records. Raised in the wooded foothills of Northern California, Nymphlord bubbled up from a unique brew of 90’s alt-rock, misty bush-whacked trail walks, Britney Spears crop tops, dog bites turned scars, and dust-covered pom poms. 

“6 Feet Under” ushers you into nostalgia as wispy vocals and a swaying melody (a la Sheryl Crow meets Grimes) muse about life’s uncertainty. Nymphlord tells us “the song is for staring up at the sky wondering why you are the way that you are. It’s about feeling exposed and uncertain in your own skin but finding a soft blanket of a friend you can curl up under instead.”

Photo Courtesy: Austin Alphonse