“Normcore” Artist Baby FuzZ Shares New Single

Baby FuzZ is the audiovisual glam rock brainchild of producer and songwriter Sterling Fox. After producing Lan Del Rey’s “Video Games,” Fox is on his way to becoming one of the most in-demand and successful pop songwriters in the business. Some of the artists on Fox’s resume includes having written with and for Gym Class Heroes, Madonna, Max Martin, Elle King, Avicii, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears and more. Upon the election of Donald Trump, and at the peak of Fox’s songwriting career he disappeared from music and split for Canada, spending a year in Montreal, reemerging as Baby FuzZ. 

Recently, Baby FuzZ has dropped the single “We’re All Gonna Die!!!” Taking influence from songs such as R.E.M’s “”It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” and Butthole Surfers “Pepper,” Baby FuzZ explodes onto the scene with fast-paced, pop-punk instrumentals that incorporate silly sound effects. Lyrically, a variety of unfortunate circumstances that plaque the world yet we need to fully embrace the time we do have together. Proceeds for “We’re All Gonna Die!!!” will be going to Doctors Without Borders.

Baby FuzZ unapologetically jumps all over the genre map, with songs ranging from folk ballads to punk anthems and everything in between. As diverse as the music is, the lyrics are a singular and hyper self-aware narrative with strong political and social undertones. Last year Baby FuzZ, released his debut album Plastic Paradise independently and embarked on a 100 date DIY tour around the US. Last year was just the start for Baby FuzZ rising from the death rattle of a previous life of overthought pop demos hat had finally eaten itself alive with a sense of ennui.
If Plastic Paradise was the first contact, this new album, Welcome To The Future, coming this fall, is sure to be Baby FuzZ’s full-blown alien invasion. It’s a wild concept album amazingly relevant to a dystopian America currently in a pandemic, most of it having been written and recorded during quarantine with heavy doses of conservationism, disguised symbolism, and good old fashioned American absurdity.