The New Rising Sons To Release Music

New York has always been a hotbed for new music discovery and reinvention. This is where the New Rising Sons come in, circa 1998. Both Garrett Klahn (Texas Is The Reason) and Drew Thomas (Into Another) parted ways in their respective groups to form the new outfit with guitarist and songwriter Kevin McGinnis.

The band would eventually go on to release two EPs worth of music, 98’s self-titled EP and 2000’s Thieves & Angels. While they were well received, the group was plagued with major label issues and the plug was pulled on plans to release future recordings.

Today Arctic Rodeo Recordings has released 3 songs off the reissue of the album that was never released, Set It Right, which drops December 6th. The songs are rigidly formed with Britpop influences, eschewing the members’ previous hardcore influences.