New Podcast Explores Overlooked Music Artists

A really cool new music-based podcast launches today, one that is based on the history of the rock ‘n’ roll rumor mill.

Have You Heard This One?, a series that explores the secret history of popular music with stories of the overlooked artists, fascinating characters, under-represented voices, lost-to-history events, and forgotten chapters of some of the greatest music stories that are rarely told. Episodes are hosted by journalists, podcasters, and fans, and take listeners on a deep dive into tales of music lore they might otherwise not encounter.

“As longtime music journalists, we are so thrilled to be able to shine a light on artists who were overlooked in the past,” says executive producer Melissa Locker, “like Wilma Burgess, and to tell stories that ‘weren’t quite right’ for other publications like when it became okay to use the B-word on the radio. It’s exciting to be able to tell stories that are important but maybe don’t have a news peg.”

Produced by an all-woman team, Have You Heard This One? incorporates stories ranging from silly to strange, heartfelt to harrowing. A complete list of episodes to anticipate in the coming weeks can be found below. But for now, you can listen to the debut episode on country soul legend Dusty Springfield’s girlfriend Norma Tanega below.

For more information on Have You Heard This One? and its woman-run parent group Nevermind Media, click here

Upcoming episodes:

Wilma Burgess’s Missing Legacy 

Who You Calling A “Bitch” — A History of the B-word in Popular Music

Who the Heck is Ursula Bogner?

Mexico’s War on Rock n Roll

The Sad Song of the Singing Nun

Everyone’s Happy At The Waffle House—The true story of Waffle House Records

The Love Song of Al Capone—Public Enemy No. 1, Would-Be Songwriter

Free Again! The Story of La Lupe

The Bloods: The First All-Girl Queer Band