Narrow Head Shares Single "Bulma"

The first nine seconds of Narrow Head’s single “Bulma” offers up a jarring round of fuzzy distortion that’s spine-tingling.  This is followed up by crashing drums and guitar chords that are anything but safe.  Family and friends, Narrow Head have perfectly released a single that offers up those warm memories of when we blared loudly Hum, Deftones, My Bloody Valentine through our stereos.
The Houston trio, led by Jacob Duarte, is gearing up to set in motion work for their follow-up to 2016’s banger Satisfaction.  Recorded at the end of December 2017, “Bulma” was intended to be included, but the single was expedited in part due to the band’s upcoming west-coast tour.
We here at Ghettoblaster are thrilled that the “Bulma” is giving us a taste of what’s to come with Narrow Head.

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