My Idea Shares Latest Single Off Upcoming Debut, “Crutch”

My Idea, the duo comprised of best friends Lily Konigsberg (Palberta) and Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes) share “Crutch,” the new single from their upcoming debut album CRY MFER, out April 22nd via Hardly Art.

CRY MFER, and “Crutch” specifically, which the band describes as a co-dependency anthem, exist as a document of Konigsberg and Amos’ collective breaking point, after recording the album they both decided to quit drinking.

“‘Crutch’ was written at a time when both of our personal lives had begun to collapse around us,” says the band. “Outside influences began to disappear and as we began to rely on each other more and more – the music was the only thing that functioned amidst the chaos. This song became kind of a beacon leading us through the remainder of making the album.”

The duo joined forces in the Fall of 2020, when Lily, after a few years gobbing away in the punk trio Palberta, solicited Nate (who, at the time, was popping away as half of dance duo Water From Your Eyes) as a potential producer for her solo record; the subsequent songwriting competition that followed resulted in dozens of tracks and one EP, That’s My Idea. No strangers to productivity, Nate’s Water From Your Eyes recently released their fifth album, and Lily recently released her solo LP, both to high marks.  
CRY MFER is, true to the band’s vision, a beautiful mess of different sounds, completely and effortlessly genreless (though if pressed to label it, the band settles on “Truth or Dare Pop”). While a milieu of myriad styles, from folk to dance, the album’s main through line is truth, regardless of how much the expression thereof may hurt (after all, as Lily sings in the title track, “truth and life go hand in hand”). Its lyrics aren’t “particularly diary-ish,” Nate says, they’re “a little more…” “Diarrhea-ish,” Lily jokes. 

The album, while permeated with lyrics about lying and crying and, well, hurting the one you love, has a palpable sense of humor and self-awareness, a testament to “rolling your eyes at something while acknowledging that it’s also still kicking your ass,” says Nate. 

Last month My Idea announced their debut with a video for the album’s title track “Cry Mfer.” The song received praise from several media outlets.

Photo Courtesy: OK McCausland