mxmtoon Shares New Single “bon iver”

mxmtoon, also known as Maia, announced the follow up to her dawn EP, dusk will be released October 1st. The singer-songwriter will be sharing more details from the highly anticipated release over the coming weeks but today fans were treated to a new song, the gorgeous “bon iver.” It’s the first new music we are hearing from the 20-year-old since dawn was released this past spring and hails a new chapter for her musically.

“bon iver” charms with it’s elegant and swirling guitars, a song perfect for late summer evenings. Maia tells us “when we think of nightfall, we often associate it to the “end” of something. the “bon iver” music video is meant to counter that notion, and to spark thought over the possibilities that are ahead instead. a day does not just end when the sun goes down, you continue to find wonder and joy despite the dark, and a whole other world awaits you as the moon glides overhead. new beginnings are not limited to a rising sun, your world is what you make it whenever you choose to begin.”

mxmtoon has spent the last few months writing and preparing her latest work while keeping busy connecting with fans through her vast online community. Her unique ability to use platforms like Twitch, TikTok, Youtube has enabled her to become a consistent voice for millions of people around the world on issues of social justice and equality, using her platform to not only share her art but important messages of hope and solidarity.

mxmtoon will also play Lollapalooza’s Virtual Festival taking place this weekend where she will give fans an exclusive musical performance on Friday July 31st.