MXMS shares cover of Nirvana's "Something In The Way"

MXMS have shared “Something In The Way”, which is a cover of the Nirvana song from their 1991 hit album Nevermind. When talking about the track the duo says,”‘Something in the Way’ is our favorite piece of Kurt’s writing. The numb, submissive feeling has been glue for other frightened humans like us. Our re-creation of the song is our interpretation of Ariel’s daily cyclic journey through mental illness, depression and the drugs that sometimes work. The song is meant to postpone the inevitable face-to-face with reality that’s en route.”

“Something in the Way” by MXMS was originally created specifically for the band to perform live because its singer Ariel’s favorite song.  But in 2016 the band paid a visit Kurt Cobain’s home in Seattle, Washington, and spent the afternoon in deep reflection beside the park bench where Kurt wrote many songs and poems, in deep reflection. The weight of standing on the same grass as one of the most creative and visionary artists and songwriters of the world was a powerful and unforgettable experience.
Returning from their trip, MXMS was inspired to complete their more extensive recording of “Something in the Way.” Sonically Ariel and Jeremy interpreted the song with the MXMS “funeral pop” sound and style; using a Moog Taurus II analog bass synthesizer and a huge live kick drum with our pianos.  Something in the way was produced and mixed by Jeremy Dawson, mastered by Dale Becker and is slated for release November 14, 2017.
MXMS, short for “me and my shadow,” is the dark electronic project of singer Ariel Levan and pianist Jeremy Dawson.  Self-described as “Funeral pop,” the duo injects music culture with the conjugality of death positivity, darkness and honesty.
The two met in Los Angeles after Ariel moved from New York City in late 2013.  What was to be a short writing session instantly blossomed into something poignant and lasting, as their personal stories meshed into song over the coming weeks and months. The pair moved through the discovery that expelling love, death, pain, and fear into art instantly brought relief not only to their personal lives, but also became refuge for others navigating the broken state of our world and its current affairs.
In January 2015, MXMS signed with boutique indie label Grand Jury records. The first two MXMS singles, “OMG” and “RX” were released at the end of May 2015, followed by a third “ANNA” in the fall.   After spending most of 2016 touring, Jeremy and Ariel returned to the studio to finish the writing and recording of their new record.
In May 2017, MXMS released the first of the new songs, “I REVENGE” on Brill Music/Kobalt; a current issue memoir of the irrational feelings of heartbreak in a tumultuous broken relationship. The band is currently playing festivals across America, including Ac3 in Atlanta, Cloak and Dagger festival in Los Angeles and main stage at Off Weekend in Florida.  MXMS will finish 2017 with a December east coast tour and Art Basel performances.  Singles and their debut EP are slated for release in early 2018.