Mountain Goats Share Single “Dark in Here”

Today, the Mountain Goats share Dark in Here’s (Merge Records) sinister title track ahead of the album’s June 25 release date. The words that John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats used when discussing the direction for the new album, Dark in Here (out June 25) was “wild.” As the quartet’s bassist Peter Hughes tells it: “Not wild in the sense of abandon—these aren’t those kinds of songs. But wild in the sense of something undomesticated, untamable… You can fight the calamity all you want, but either way, it’s going to demand your surrender.”

That particular brand of wild can be felt throughout the title track to Dark in Here, recorded at the fabled FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals with a handful of local legends. Listen as Spooner Oldham’s Hammond organ and Will McFarlane’s whammy-bar Telecaster inflate the narrator’s spider-hole revenge fantasy to widescreen spaghetti-western proportions!