Monica Martin Offers Up Single “Go Easy Kid”

Monica Martin shares her hauntingly gorgeous, KHUSHI-produced track “Go Easy Kid” today. The Los Angeles-based musician’s first single of 2021 was born when Monica and fellow songwriter / musician Theo Katzman were discussing the stress and anxiety around creating 3-minute songs and had to remind themselves to “Chill the f*ck out, it’s only rock music.” While writing the track with Jacob Jeffries, they discussed her rebellious spirit and self sabotaging qualities but also how freeing it is to think about our insignificance in the scope of the world. The conversations turned into lyrics like “I commit myself to sabotage,” “Pledge allegiance to some sanity” and the song’s refrain, “Cause after all, no one’s in control. Go Easy kid, it’s only rock & Roll.” 

The Chicago-born singer and songwriter grew up in rural Wisconsin, mostly waiting for Billie Holiday videos to load on back country dial up or making trips in a busted Geo Metro to watch punk shows in Milwaukee. She was surrounded by her father’s beloved soul music and the folk music that permeated the Midwest, learning to expand her musical boundaries from very early on. Trained as a hairdresser, she didn’t have musical plans beyond joke singing harmonies over the radio though. She fronted the acclaimed experimental folk pop sextet, PHOX, formed just outside Madison, WI but eventually moved to LA because “Wisconsin is cold as f*ck”. She found herself a little periwinkle casita and is feeling freer than ever in the city of misfits. 

Monica is presently at work putting melodies to her “explorations in romantic f*ckery” with lowkey pop songs with blue note whispers, some golden-era Hollywood dramatics, and psychedelic flickers courtesy of a theremin. Look for more from her in the coming months, including a feature on James Blake’s track “Show Me” from his upcoming album, Friends That Break Your Heart, out October 8.