MILLY Drop Video For Single “Illuminate”

MILLY have shared their first new single of 2022, the crushing “Illuminate”. Recorded with Gleemer’s Corey Coffman, the song fuses meditative slowcore with widescreen, anthemic choruses in a singular style that’s made MILLY one of LA’s fastest rising groups. Originally the solo project of Brendan Dyer, his relocation from Connecticut to Los Angeles saw the band expand to a trio, adding Spencer Light and Yarden Erez. After signing to Dangerbird Records, 2019 saw the band on tour with Swervedriver, and in 2021 they released their acclaimed EP Wish Goes On.

In his own words, Dyer explains “Illuminate” is “about the comfort found in self expression and reminding yourself who you are by acts such as putting your favorite photos (posters) up on your wall or rearranging your room. It was written in a time when free-time felt unlimited (2020) and I was staying up late self reflecting. I was listening to Title Fight’s Floral Green non stop at this point, while also reconnecting with some records of my youth such as Hawthorne Heights’ The Silence In Black and White.”

MILLY’s Our First Four Songs + Wish Goes On, the Los Angeles-based band’s debut cassette and 2021 EP, are now available on 12” vinyl via Dangerbird Records. Purchase here. The band will be performing tonight in Los Angeles at El Cid to celebrate their new single & vinyl release. Tickets here.

Photo Courtesy: Mark Underwood