May Rio Looks To Get Out Of Situation In Latest Single “I C”

May Rio – NYC’s May Rio Sembera of Poppies – shares new glittering single “I C” from her forthcoming debut album Easy Bammer, set for release on June 25th via Dots Per Inch Music.

May says of the track, “I C” was built on a noodly little guitar riff I wrote–it’s one of the few more guitar-heavy songs on Easy Bammer. The lyrics come from a place of deep frustration, of wanting to get out of a situation I felt trapped in. Tony 1 was messing around and landed on those little whistles you hear throughout. I think the production throughout the album has a lot of humor.”

Director Eleanor Petry said, “I C is one of the few music videos I got to make in 2020 and getting to work with May, as she is my dear friend, was just really special. We filmed it on a cold day in early December, her friend Jack let us borrow his VHS camera. We shot it at the park by my place, my roof, and my bedroom. The collaborative and intimate energy flowing through this video zings. This year has really made me so grateful that I get to make things with my friends so this video is really special to me.”

Produced by Tony or Tony and mastered by Sarah Register (Ariana Grande, Yaeji, The Shins), Easy Bammer is inspired in part by time spent touring with Poppies, as well as the year the world went into lockdown. On her debut solo album, May turns months of isolation into a curious & hyperreal reflection on memory of a time in New York City before stay-at-home-orders and lukewarm take-out—reflections on a time when staying at home & thinking felt like an unreasonable request of the cosmos. Easy Bammer gives its listener a chance to experience the warmth & quiet laughter of reflection; it does so in a time otherwise reserved for most as an endless cycle of waiting for new headlines. Pre-order Easy Bammer HERE.

Photo Courtesy: Kevin Neal