Matt Muse Shares New Single, "Ain't No"

Chicago Emcee Matt Muse is on a role. Last summer saw the release of his E.P. Nappy Talk, which didn’t fall into pitfalls so many other attempting to draw from Trap Rap stylings do. Muse spits and slips around music like a thief in the night, taking and giving everything you need.

Today he dropped “Ain’t No,” a slick, yet lyrically vicious track that serves as Matt’s declaration of his uniqueness and confidence in his musical abilities. He states “Ain’t no nigga like a Chi-town nigga, & ain’t no king like this South Side King”, letting you know exactly who and what you’re dealing with right out the gate. The track features production by fellow Chicago rapper Aceda Vinci, whose use of calm & melodic vocal sample blends beautifully with the delayed high hat & thumping kick that you can’t help but nod your head to. Matt flexes his new found vocal abilities throughout the hook & bridge to put a flawless finish on this gorgeous song.