The Mary Onettes offer breathtaking look at "Cola Falls"

The Mary Onettes return with their first new music since 2016 with “Cola Falls,” coming out this Friday, June 22 along with B-side “Wait Out A Ghost” via Cascine.

After several albums on Stockholm’s esteemed Labrador label, the band joined Cascine to release singles “Ruins” (featuring the vocals of Maria Usbeck) and 2016’s “Juna.” With this week’s new material, The Mary Onettes return to the dreamy, overcast pop that we’ve come to love while being framed around a simple, lyrical storyline. The band’s Philip Ekström says that “Cola Falls” conjures the “high, relentless sound of running water” bubbling forth from a waterfall in his hometown — a waterfall that, as a kid, he imagined flowing with soda.
Since forming in the Swedish town of Jönköping in 2000, The Mary Onettes have become low-key cult heroes, long responsible for helping bring attention to Sweden’s enduring brand of sophisticated pop music. Over the course of four albums and several singles, Ekström and band members Henrik, Simon and Petter have eschewed trends and continued making music that feels honest to them. The band revolves around Ekström’s songwriting — a decidedly more atmospheric take on the typically optimistic Scandinavian fare — rich with drama and melancholy.