Madi Diaz Shares “Resentment (New Feelings Version) Feat. Waxahatchee,” Announces New EP

Madi Diaz announces the Same History, New Feelings EP (ANTI-) featuring collaborations with Waxahatchee,  Angel Olsen, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Natalie Hemby, out March 4th. The Same History, New Feelings EP is comprised of four reworkings of songs off 2021’s History Of A Feeling, an album in which Diaz’s stellar songwriting is on full display. A profound sense of intimacy and camaraderie is expressed through lyrics surrounding heartbreak and great change. Today, she offers up “Resentment (New Feelings Version)” featuring Waxahatchee, who Diaz will be supporting on tour throughout February and April. “Resentment” was an unexpected fan favorite off of History Of A Feeling, and this new version, produced by Brad Cook, has a warmer pulse, with dusky guitars that bolster Diaz and Katie Crutchfield’s complimentary vocals.

I’m so thrilled to have been asked to reimagine the song ‘Resentment’ from Madi Diaz’s album History Of a Feeling,” says Katie Crutchfield. “I listened to that album more than anything else last year and I think Madi is one of the most talented and exciting people putting out music right now. This specific song hits me so hard every time I hear it and having the chance to sing harmonies with Madi is always a true thrill.

Diaz comments,“I’ve been listening as a fan to these four women for quite a while now. I’m honored to call them my friends and to have their voices singing these songs with me is something that I still can’t quite fathom. I’m so thankful for their artistry and their stories giving these songs a whole new world and a whole new life. To share this earth and make music with them in this lifetime is a treasure and a gift from beyond the beyond.
Diaz first got the idea for Same History, New Feeling by always being inspired by different interpretations of the same song. She specifically cites Whitney Houston’s version of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”; “A universe of power is in that song though the artists singing it are from two different worlds.” When explaining the idea behind Same History, New Feeling, Diaz says “I love how when one person says a word or phrase that it can be attached to a completely different narrative than when I say the same word – I can have a totally different experience with a line of music than your experience. These little differences in us still find some alignment, share some understanding, and access some parts we recognize in one another when we come together over a song.”