Lydia Loveless Shares Two New Songs, “You’re Leaving Me” & “Let’s Make Out

Lydia Loveless dropped two new songs, “You’re Leaving Me” b/w “Let’s Make Out,” her first new material since last year’s critically acclaimed album, Daughter. The A-side features the introspective “You’re Leaving Me,” which was recorded during the Daughter sessions at the Loft in Chicago, while B-side “Let’s Make Out” is a live favorite, recorded and mixed in Columbus, OH a few years ago by Somewhere Else and Real producer Joe Viers.

The two songs make for a whirlwind listen. Of “You’re Leaving Me,” Loveless explains, “It’s a song about being a committed daydreamer and fantasist, mulling over what could be past the honeymoon phases and into the endings.” “Let’s Make Out,” meanwhile, abandons all emotional baggage and celebrates just what the title states. The tracks are out via Loveless’ own label Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late Records.