LUCA Debuts New Track "Getting Over You"

Cali-based singer/songwriter LUCA has made his debut last week with the release of his first single, “Getting Over You” which I’m sure most had missed. But that’s fine, in case you missed it, here it is.  Breathtaking. – & entirely written and produced by himself.  LUCA’s soulful serenades are a reflection of his existence in modern day society. LUCA grew up in Ojai, a small city in Ventura County, California, northwest of L.A. where he now resides. You’d be hard pressed to find many artists that are quick to list at least one influence but not LUCA. His music music draws from a wide variety of influences to create a sound that is just as willing to dig deep into an emotion, as it is willing to let go of all the emotions that ever hold us back in life. While heavily influenced by artists like Sly and the Family Stone, Jeff Buckley, and Prince, LUCA has created a sound of his own.