Low Cut Connie Shares New Single “King Of The Jews”

South Philadelphia-based rock ‘n’ roll artist Low Cut Connie released “KING OF THE JEWS” from his forthcoming album ART DEALERS out September 8 via Contender Records. On the new song, frontman Adam Weiner gets deep in the weeds of his personal and ethnic identity, rejecting antisemitism and fear, and arriving at a place where his Jewishness becomes a source of strength and power. Today, he released an official video for the song inspired by Warhol’s Factory films, featuring Weiner wrapping himself in Tefillin. 

“I’m extremely Jewy. But it’s taken me years to be as loud and proud about it as I am now,” explains Weiner. “During the years I’ve been touring, I’ve seen antisemitism rising and rising around this country. There’s so many entry points into antisemitism that you kind of never really know if you’re on safe ground. Like so many other Jews, I internalized it and for years tried to obscure my Jewish identity throughout my travels and public life. But through Low Cut Connie I have recommitted myself to my Jewy-ness. ‘KING OF THE JEWS’ is in many ways about finding strength and power where so many see weakness in your identity.”

In addition to the new album, Adam Weiner co-directed an 80 minute feature film that will premiere late this year as a companion piece to ART DEALERS. The film is a hybrid-genre documentary that combines a stellar run of NYC concerts from 2022 shot at Sony Hall and the Blue Note, as well as 15 years of performance footage and personal misadventures that led up to ART DEALERS. There will be limited festival screenings of the ART DEALERS film late in 2023 in tandem with this fall’s US tour, with a wider release to follow in 2024. Find a full list of tour dates on his website.

Photo Courtesy: Bob Sweeney