little image Drop New Single “BLUE”

Dallas alt-pop trio little image released their new single, “BLUE” via Hollywood Records. Drawn from the political strife in America over the past few years, “BLUE” is a mission statement wrapped in electronic-tinged trippy pop that is entirely their own.

“What inspired ‘BLUE’ is that sometimes in our culture, things can be very, very loud and you can hear a lot of opinions,” the band says. “We love to hear all kinds of sides, but instead of screaming and yelling, we take a back seat and just listen and try to find the voice of reason. I think if a lot of people would take that approach more often, there would be a lot less chaos going on. I respect the passion and the rebellion in some aspects of things, but sometimes you have to take a step back and say, ‘Let me learn from you.’”

“BLUE” follows the release of the band’s “LUNGS BURN,” a song with a thumping electronic baseline pairing perfectly with the lead singer’s slinky falsetto – a culmination of pure, synth-driven dance rock joy.

In 2023, the group is set to embark on a U.S. tour opening for Colony House from February through April, full dates below. Tickets are on sale now, buy HERE. The band recently blew audiences away opening for Panic! At The Disco and played a headline show at Los Angeles’ The Moroccan Lounge.

little image is a Dallas-based group that started playing music together for eight years and throughout that near-decade, the band morphed from a group of perpetually online suburban teens who were obsessed with underground indie rock and had no idea what they wanted to be into the tight-knit outfit you see today. While many young artists had their careers derailed in 2020 due to COVID, it actually managed to save little image, which was gearing up to announce itself to the world without realizing the members needed more time for reflection.

That extra time allowed the members of little image to fully expand on the promise of their early singles “WORTH IT” and “EGO,” exploring different ways to create a pop-rock song beyond the basic guitar/bass/drums template. This new burst of creativity led to a partnership with producer Chad Copelin, whose CV includes such sonically diverse artists as Third Eye Blind, Sufjan Stevens and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Simmons credits Copelin with creating a warm, nurturing studio environment that allowed each member to explore their influences.

Photo Courtesy: Tyler Krippaehne