Lisa Bella Donna releases The World She Wanted, plays Moogmentum, more

World renowned multi-instrumentalist, composer, modular synthesist, and clinician Lisa Bella Donna is demolishing the status quo. Her Circulus, Afternoon Dreams, and Convergence albums were released in rapid succession this year, and now she’s back with another, The World She Wanted.

For the unindoctrinated, Lisa Bella Donna was featured in the Moog rollout of the Martriarch keyboard, was shouted out in Rolling Stone, performed at Monolith on the Mesa with her band EYE as well as solo, did a tour of Japan in May  supporting legendary metal/punk outliers Boris, and performed and taught at the Brooklyn Synth and Pedal Expo June 8 and 9.

 Bella Donna has spent decades as a session musician and developing extensive techniques with musique concreté, modular synthesis, analog and digital recording techniques, drumming and percussion, micro-tonal music, orchestration and film composition. She has also toured all throughout the U.S., Japan and Europe as a clinician, drummer and keyboardist. Further, she’s been commissioned for numerous multichannel audio art installations in the U.S. and Europe.

On August 2, the Lisa Bella Donna Quartet performs at Blu Jazz+ in celebration of EarthQuaker Day 2019. Lisa Bella Donna’s quartet consists of longtime veteran Columbus jazz musicians Doug Neel on guitars and trobone, Jim Tussing on bass, Bella Donna on keyboards, and Shane Willis on drums. The quartet will be performing a full evening of original compositions while inflicting deep grooves and improvisation all throughout. 

Bella Donna’s compositions evoke impressions of jazz fusion of the ’70s. A mainstay in her writing is the influence of TV and film scores which allow a great invitation to connect a wide variety of moods and styles together in a single program of music. Extensive and organic use of synthesizers and sequencers are also interpolated throughout the set.

August 13-15 she will perform in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina as part of Moogmentum, alongside synthesizer legends Herb Deutsch, Patrick Moraz, and Larry Fast/Synergy. More information is here.