Lindsay Lou Shares “Shame”

Lindsay Lou shares the dreamy new single “Shame” from her forthcoming album Queen of Time, out September 29 on Kill Rock Stars Nashville. Featuring an anthemic solo from Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso Billy Strings, the song and its accompanying music video highlight the album’s continued theme of duality. “Shame” challenges the notion that we should hide any part of ourselves and celebrates the multitudes women contain. 

“I don’t think shame does us any favors,” says Lindsay Lou. “There’s this lie that’s been passed down and around that we need shame, that it keeps us safe or something. I’m calling bullshit on that. We contain multitudes, and each aspect is as deserving of love as the next.” She continues, “May we all embrace the balance of feminine and masculine aspects in our nature. May we reclaim our own self-expression and uncouple ourselves from systems that aim to oppress or cast shadows of shame on the beauty of our bodies.”

After the loss of her grandmother, the end of her marriage, and the overwhelming turmoil of COVID lockdowns, Lou sought out a hallucinogenic ritual that would not only inform the way she processed the waves of grief ahead of her, but led to a profound realization about her own feminine power. With a new vision of womanhood in mind, she began to see a throughline from her grandmother, to herself, to the art she was creating. Queen of Time is the result of that deeply personal spiritual journey, unfolding across eleven tracks of tender, heartbreakingly beautiful music. Lou has previously shared two singles from the album, including the title track “Queen of Time” and the folk-pop ballad “Nothing Else Matters” featuring Grammy Award-winner Jerry Douglas. 

Photo Courtesy: Dana Kalachnik