Lightning Bolt Shares Single "Air Conditioning"

20 years since the release of Lightning Bolt’s self-titled debut, and following the recent announcement of their new album Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey), dropping Oct. 11th, Lightning Bolt has shared the album’s first single: “Air Conditioning.” On Sonic Citadel, bassist Brian Gibson and drummer Brian Chippendale have done the daring, stripping away some of the distortion masks to reveal the naked pop forms of their songs as never before. “Air Conditioning” makes use of space and vocal clarity unlike any previous Lightning Bolt song, yet retains the relentless energy, inventiveness, and unrestrained joy that drives all of their music. Lightning Bolt will tour throughout the world late 2019 and early 2020. A few confirmed dates are listed below.

Lightning Bolt tour dates:
Sep. 6 – Denver, CO – Denver Hex Festival
Sep. 14 – Brooklyn, NY – Open Air at 99 Scott
Oct. 10-13 – Lake Perris, CA – Desert Daze