Leaping shares "You Lemme Know," readies LP for Exploding In Sound

Leapling’s power-pop vision is an eclectic one and on new single “You Lemme Know,” the band sounds as you’ve never heard them before, buzzing with “solid gold punk” energy. Taking a page from the classic days of post-punk with a quick and chaotic surge, Leapling keep it simple, tight, and raw as they barrel through jangly splendor. Suspended Animation is due out June 10, 2016 via Exploding In Sound Records, and the band are excited to share their new single.

Leapling’s Dan Arnes elaborated about the song:
“This one came out of a lot of frustration with myself & listening to tons of Wire. It’s taking a lot of internal anger & personifying it. I like the device of personifying something you’re upset with about yourself as an external thing/force. Sometimes it feels a little more interesting to me to approach yourself in that way, especially when discussing frustration with your faults; a lot of my favorite songwriters are so great at doing just that (Lennon & Nilsson come to mind). This song originally had a long hypnotic, outro that had a Stereolab’s “Blue Milk” thing to it but decided it was way better to shorten it, as it felt nice to have a short, punky kind of burst of energy kind of song for the first time. I like the idea of that; Just 3 chords and under 2 minutes. Get in and get out. Solid gold punk.”
Arnes and co. are back with a new sound and energy, channeling the power-pop of the past while pushing modern pop’s boundaries with a raw simplicity. Suspended Animation is a new direction for the trio, an exploration of ideas without limits. This is power-pop for a new generation, an evolution as time keeps on tickin’.
06/18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades (ALBUM RELEASE SHOW) w/ Two Inch Astronaut, Long Beard & Joy Again
06/30 – New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall w/ Lithuania & Alexander F