Lawn Shares New Single “Running My Luck”

Lawn’s Bigger Sprout is due out July 15th on Born Yesterday, the up and coming Chicago label that is home to bands like Moontype, Cafe Racer and Caution. Written, rehearsed, and recorded under a month-long period, Bigger Sprout explores a feeling of urgency as a theme and a catalyst: urgency to get out of uncomfortable situations, urgency to take relationships more seriously, urgency to work on themselves, urgency to play shows again, urgency to record, urgency to start a family, urgency to make plans and leave old settings behind, urgency to grow up and become more in tune to your surroundings, urgency to quit old habits and pick up new ones.

The band have released two single from Bigger Sprout, the propulsive “Night Life” and the melancholic “Down“, and now the band are returning with a final single entitled “Running My Luck.”

With lead vocals from Mac Folger, “Running My Luck” is a perfectly executed power pop song, with a tightly composed arrangement that consistently finds ways to surprise. As Folger explains, the song is about the joy to be found in opting out.

“‘Running My Luck’ deals with how you almost always have to take risks and push yourself to find satisfaction, but sometimes the stagnant, simple life can feel like the best option,” explains Mac Folger. “When most of our generation is rising and grinding it, it can feel freeing to say ‘I have enough’. Unfortunately, American society has created this culture of ‘eat of be eaten’, so this sense of comfort can soon start to feel foolish.”

Photo Courtesy: Victoria Conway