The Last Bison Returns With New Single "Gold"

The indie rock band from Chesapeake, Virginia returns with its first new single in over 3 years. Frontman Ben Hardesty’s signature narrative is still at the forefront, describing his time spent in the rainforests of Bolivia as a child of missionary parents in “Gold.” Also still present is the band’s knack for crafting familiar-sounding songs with a focus on themes of longing, times remembered, and the desire for spiritual and tonal catharsis. Congas and drum machines stand alongside distorted guitars, and organs bathe in clear pools of synthesized wash, matching the drama and bombast that Hardesty’s vocal has always carried with it. The mountaintop chamber of before still lives within the songs as Amos Housworth’s cello soars and cries throughout.
The track is officially out today via AntiFragile Music and is the first new piece of music that the band has shared since 2015’s Dorado EP. The band has also gone through a lineup change (now performing as a trio) and have pushed its sound even further and there may possibly be news of a new album with this teaser of a song.

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