LAPÊCHE Share Single “Bells”

New York’s LAPÊCHE hare the final & driving single “Bells”, taken from their forthcoming LP, Blood In The Water (New Granada Records) which is set for release on April 9, 2021. Blood In The Water, the second album by the band, and walks the line between nature and nurture, objective reality and subjective perspective, joy and pain, suffering and hope, and addiction and sobriety. 

Across the songs that make up Blood in the Water, Krista navigates our inextricable connection to others. On album opener “Finally Trying,” she digs deep into our all-too-human ability to make things harder than they need to be – and how rarely this serves us. “Feathers turn to anchors,” she repeats, as the band soars above the weight of her words. On “Oliver,” she digs into the pain of losing a wanted pregnancy, driving rhythms propelling her forward in the face of loss. “Half baked, half right, half sick, half light, half closed, half cry, half yours and half mine” turns from a sequence of events into a rallying call as voices join hers, a reminder of who’s around us even in our darkest moments. 

About the song, the band offers:
“Bells is about being sober and not forgetting how bad it was when you weren’t. It scrapes the surface of the freedom and joy that comes with not being controlled by addiction. Part of that freedom develops as we learn to show up, for ourselves and others, in ways that we can’t when we are in active addiction. The freedom includes being present and accepting of what is. This doesn’t mean resignation, it means acknowledging uncomfortable truths, feelings, and circumstances, and turning them into loving choices moving forward.”