Kyle Dion Shares Single Featuring Ja Rule, “Placebo”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and boisterous rising star with a golden falsetto, Kyle Dion, announces his new album set for August 20th release via AWAL. The new record marks a new era for the Dion as he sheds his melancholy in favor of more bright and buoyant tunes. 

To create an effective turn-up record, Kyle needed to access sides of his personality he hadn’t explored before musically. To speak his truth without any inhibitions, he realized he needed to rap. “I was nervous to rap for the first time,” he says. “I’m a vocalist and I kept overthinking.” Once he loosened up and became comfortable laughing at himself and the process, in part due to his light-hearted relationship with album collaborators, producers, and friends Chris Hartz (Childish Gambino) and Bijou Choder (Brasstracks), he found the sound of the album, a joyous and exclamatory soundtrack to better times and the world to come.
“People are ready to have fun,”says Dion. “Nobody wants to be sad as hell anymore — we already did that.”

Inspired by his time touring and exploring international territory in support of his debut album 2019’s SUGA, the upcoming project is bold, unfiltered, and flaunts an unleashed sound with a “no rules” mission statement.
Kyle’s brand new single “Placebo” ft. rap icon Ja Rule is out today. The fun and vibrant bop is a seductive, summer R&B riff with an early 2000s sound perfect for BBQs, laying poolside, or taking a late-night drive. 

Drawing inspiration from a summer fling that was “too good to be true,” Kyle jokingly suggested to friends in the studio that Ja Rule’s “ad-libs would be crazy” on the song. Fast forward to the top of 2021, Kyle’s label connected with Ja’s team and sent him the track. 
“Soon after, Ja Rule and I were texting back and forth, and he sent me his verse the next day,” says Dion. “I was so excited and we have this crazy reaction video to when we first heard his cut. Originally, I only expected him to record adlibs, but he sent me back a full verse and was like ‘I got you.’ He definitely brought a new vibe to the track.”

Photo Courtesy: Grease