Kill Normal Shares Title Track

Kill Normal, the Austin-NYC trio is set to release its self-titled debut (Flak Records) on April 28th, 2023. The trio is comprised of members of former noise rock bands  Barkmarket and  Miracle Room. Steve Marsh, Miracle Room’s vocalist/guitarist, joins up once again with Rock Savage, Miracle Room’s drum pounder who also played in Barkmarket, and the singular Barkmarket bassist John Nowlin. With a pedigree like that, you would expect some riveting music, and you would not be disappointed.

Composed during sessions in 2018 when Marsh was passing through New York to play some shows in Europe, the band recorded in a tiny, unairconditioned rehearsal space in Long Island City. Marsh then later added vocals and other tracks in a studio in Texas.

The results are massive sounding, thanks to the huge drums and relentless bass riffs, with dynamic, twisted lyrics and grinding guitar. Kill Normal combines the historic Lower East Side noise rock vibe with elements of prog and punk to create a sound that is at once totally unique and yet very familiar.