Keturah Shares Details On Debut Album, Drops Lead Single “Kwanumkanu”

A powerful new voice of Southeast Africa, Malawian singer and songwriter Keturah announces her debut self-titled album, coming May 19, 2023 on Hen House Studios. A well-known celebrity in her own country, Keturah traveled to America for the first time to record her album in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, featuring members of the Playing for Change Band. Playing for Change is also debuting the music video for Keturah’s first single, “Kwanumkwanu”, which they recorded live at Mark’s Park. “Kwanumkwanu” is based on an African proverb that says “However far the stream flows, it never forgets its source.” Keturah wrote this song about people who travel far from home and forget their roots. “You can go wherever you want,” she says, “but always remember where you come from.”

Earlier this week, Malawi was devastated by a massive tropical cyclone. With hundreds dead and many homes lost to flooding, our hearts are with Keturah and Malawian people. All proceeds from downloads and streams of Keturah’s first single will be donated to the Jacaranda Foundation, a Malawian cultural center and school for orphans that is helping with aid during this difficult time in Malawi. Here’s the donation link:

The connection between Malawi and LA is part of the powerful story behind Keturah’s album! Raised in the rural countryside, she set out on foot at 14 years of age, having lost her parents, and trekked to Blantyre, Malawi’s second largest city, looking for a recording studio. With a beautiful voice and powerful poise, she soon became a celebrity in Malawi. An introduction to Harlan Steinberger, who owns Hen House Studios in Venice Beach, brought Keturah to America for the first time (it was her first time on an airplane too!) and she recorded the album with members of the Playing for Change Band, plus LA soul singer Chris Pierce, Zimbabwean guitar legend Louis Mhlanga, John Densmore from The Doors, jazz prodigy Jamael Dean, Magatte Sow from the Black Panther soundtrack, and more artists. It’s an all star cast supporting a bold new voice from Malawi, a singer of soon to be international acclaim.