Kate Bollinger Shares New Single ”Who Am I But Someone”, Announces New Album

Rising Virginia-based musician, Kate Bollinger, announces her new EP, Look at it in the Light, out April 22nd via Ghostly International. The new EP follows Bollinger’s two previously independent EPs, impressive support dates with the likes of Jeff Tweedy, Faye Webster, Real Estate and more, and a very unexpected writing credit on Kanye West’s 2021 track “Donda,” which sampled Bollinger’s 2019 song “Candy.”

Alongside the EP announcement, Bollinger shares the light and softly psychedelic lead single “Who Am I But Someone” along with the campy video, directed by Allyson Pierce of Pear Juice Production.

Kate Bollinger says of the song and video: “There have been many times when I’ve been so afraid to uproot my life in some way but just as afraid of what will happen if I don’t. This song is a conversation with myself about avoidance, denial, being afraid of change, and being afraid of stagnating. I shot the video in Los Angeles with Allyson from Pear Juice and a cast and crew of all women (besides our amazing producer Al!). Shooting the video was like being at summer camp – it was one of the best experiences and I’m so proud of how it turned out.”

Kate Bollinger’s songs, which touch on pop, folk, jazz and beat-driven experimentation, tend to linger well beyond their run times, filling the negative space of ordinary days with charming melodies and smart phrasings. She writes them at home in Richmond, Virginia, letting her subconscious lead, an open-ended process she likens to dreaming. From a chord progression appears a line, maybe a syllable will start to stick, enough to pursue, but she says sometimes the words don’t feel like her own, more like shapes that form in the mind’s sky. While many are personal and deal with the emotions that surface with finding her place in the world, she’d prefer they be whatever you’d like them to be, to connect with listeners in their own way. Bollinger’s musical universe is relaxed, tender, and unassuming; within lives a timeless sensibility, a songwriter’s knack for noticing the little things and their counterpoints. Darkness and light, pain and pleasure, reality and escape. These all have space to be seen on her new EP, Look at it in the Light.

Photo Courtesy: CJ Harvey