Julianna Joy Shares New Single “BLOODRUNSOUT”

Pop singer-songwriter Julianna Joy shares “BLOODRUNSOUT”, the blissful new single produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Teddy Geiger (Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, Lizzo). Accompanied by a DIY music video featuring a slice-of-life montage shot by Joy herself, the song perfectly encapsulates the intersection of youthful innocence and dreamy escapism. 

“The song stands out as an anthem, which was the first thing that I envisioned for it when beginning it in the basement of my parent’s house in Chicago,” says Joy. “I was still living there when I was writing it, and I remembered being thankful that my room was underground because I was banging on the piano and belting as loud as possible trying to feel out every direction it could go. I was seventeen and falling super hard as seventeen-year-olds do, and so badly wanted to capture that feeling.” She continues, “I always thought that ‘BLOODRUNSOUT’ was a summer song, and so when coming up with ideas for the music video, it just made sense to show how I see it all the time: filled with sunlight and friends. All the shots were taken on my little digital camera, and the video was edited by me!”
Speaking about her collaboration with Geiger, Joy explains, “Working with Teddy was incredible and something I am so forever grateful for. She wrote so many of the songs that soundtracked my life growing up. It’s sometimes hard to comprehend that one butterfly effect moment from one of her songs led me here. She pushed me to do better, to write better, and it’s led me to this point.”

A prolific and prodigious writer since childhood, Julianna Joy composed more than 200 songs in her teen years and attended the Grammy Camp in Los Angeles at age 15, where she studied music with industry professionals, fellow performers, producers and instrumentalists. She returned to LA in the summer of 2019 to record her first EP, Cherries, featuring the breakout track “Cherry Bomb”, which has garnered more than 1.5 million streams since releasing last year. Her burgeoning collaborative relationship with Geiger has pushed her sound forward, as she explores elements of alternative and classic rock, pop and psychedelia to deliver a mix of fresh-faced optimism and profundity beyond her years.