Juliana Wilson shares "Blah Blah Blah"

Hear the first ever single from young singer Juliana Wilson.

In virtually every market ruled by younger prodigious talent, raw female recording artists with an introspective command for knowledge beyond their years are few and far between. Sighted by Girls’ Life Magazine as “the next big thing” comes Juliana Wilson; the now 13-year-old whose voice will solely build the path.
Revealed in March of 2016, Juliana’s introductory mini-music video (YouTube) instantly stunned audiences with a compelling level of maturity that extends far beyond her 13 years. Music Connection reported that Juliana was “expected to pique the interest of music supervisors worldwide,” while The 405 shared, “Wilson has found a command in her freakish musical talent.”
Discovered in November of 2014 by Brooklyn-based producer and artist development specialist Matty Amendola, he and his team at 825 Records immediately put Juliana to work. Aside from honing her performance craft on stages throughout NYC, Amendola has also reported the completion of a full-length album with no release plans, recognizing that “this is only the starting line for a long marathon.”
While Juliana and her team may be holding out for a greater opportunity before considering any official release plans, standout track “Blah Blah Blah” is now streaming publicly on SoundCloud. Additionally, her upcoming music video for “Blah Blah Blah” is as visually captivating as it is unique, pairing dissonant tones with an outspoken attitude. The playful and eccentric animation does little to soften Wilson’s edge, as she makes a case to position herself as the voice of this summer’s teen anthem.
Deftly expressing her point of view with poignant lyrical content (sometimes riddled with sarcasm), Juliana’s warm and intimate tone surfaces forcibly through wide echoes of ambient backdrops and dynamic indie-driven pop alike. With content unique as it is relatable, Juliana’s visual storytelling sets the scene for any listener by combining universal narratives with conceptual standpoints through every song.